October 29th, 2004



Yesterday I made it to the toy store at lunch, and was lucky enough to find a superhero costume for Karin. Even though Martin and I have been trying to convince her to be one of the 3 bears with us (too bad Goldilocks will be hiking with his buddies this weekend), she had her heart set on being either a skeleton or a superhero after we got a toystore flyer in the mail showing costumes for Spiderman, Superman, and Batman.

Liz: Well, Martin, I guess we can't be the 3 bears...it's too bad Daddy won't be there.
Karin: I'm going to be BATMAN! *bounces in her chair*
Martin: We can bring a stuffed bear.
Liz: I know! We can be the TWO bears and...Batman-i-locks!
Liz & Martin: *giggle madly*
Karin: That wasn't funny, mama.

With the help of the kids I carved 3 pumpkins last night, and 1 today. Martin chose to do a semi-scary skull face, which surprised me, and we did a happy face for Anders, and because my arm felt like it was going to fall off I did cop out and chop an A-W-C into the smallest one. The one I did today was for Karin, and it's a masterpiece: The Bionicle Mask of Light!

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A Very, Very Happy Birthday to swingtime!
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