November 19th, 2004



What a gift of a day we have this morning. All that wind yesterday blew all the clouds away and left us with a shiny pink and lavender morning, a blue sky, frost on the ground and a chill in the air. There are no clouds, not one, and the sun is shining hard. It knows it has to make up for lost time. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on work and keep waking up after 3-5-10 minutes to shake myself and sternly admonish, "Stop staring out the window!"

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Me So Funny!
I made up this joke with the kids yesterday. We laughed ourselves silly. Warning, it's in Swenglish, which is, of course, the BEST language for telling jokes in.

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I don't know art but I know what I like: The Ek Family
The grey thing is an armadillo. Don't ask me, I just report 'em: Martin's masterpiece
Thanks to ozswede for the link to ArtPad. Go play, it's great!

*Bajs is how Swedish children refer to poop. It's pronounced bice.
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