December 13th, 2004



Anders just asked me if he should take more off the top of the tree or the bottom. My preference is to bang a hole in the ceiling, but he's not going for that option.

Both lightbulbs in the computer room ceiling light have now blown and I'm using my decades-old touch-typing skills to write this in the dark. Impressed, aren'tcha?

Yesterday's agenda of finish cleaning, host birthday party for Martin with 12 kids, make appetizer, attend AWC party, bathe children, put up Christmas tree got knocked off base by fatigue after article 4. Bathing and tree are, therefore, on tonight's agenda.

I probably should be thinking about getting the AWC website update started or it's going to kick my ass during vacation week.

I wish we'd moved faster on the puppy thing so that we could have given the kids a bundle of love for Christmas...reebert! We want a puppy!! :D

We're thinking maybe late February is better to go see johann_metzger because it's when the kids have school break.

I may never be able to refer to my brother by anything other than his LJ name again.

The work Lucia humiliation performance went reasonably well. No pictures will be forthcoming. Who WAS that chubby gingerbread man with the poodle on his head?

Anders wired the Christmas tree lights to the living room lightswitch! I love that man o' mine!

Cracking Me Up: Settling For Christmas
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