December 22nd, 2004



I am just not in the mood.

I am not in the mood for anything.

Not for cleaning up my dust-bunny colonized house. Not for wading through more! never-ending! endless! NON-ENDING loads of laundry.

Not for baking cookies that my son keeps asking me about because, GOD, when do I have time to bake cookies? After Christmas, that's when.

Not for writing posts in my LJ which is why there was nothing yesterday and nearly nothing today (and you're probably wishing about now that I'd continued that trend).

Not for having that achy stuffy full-of-phlegm not-fresh head-cold feeling 2 days before Christmas.

2 days before Christmas. AAAGH

I am not really stressed. I'm just tired and I can't breathe and my throat hurts and I keep coughing when I try to carry on a conversation but I can't take a day off to be sick in peace because work is kicking my butt and I'll have a WEEK OFF starting in 2 days so quit'cher bitchin' already, Liz and get over yourself.

*gets over self*

*moves on*

*looks around for pillow*


In other, more cheerful, and not nearly as whiny news, I have a huge office to myself now, as my office-mate has moved out, although he has left behind giant piles of crap that I suspect he thinks he can just leave here and they will either magically disappear or be cleaned up by a woman. Namely, me. To which he will be learning that I'm not in the mood for THAT either.

My desk has been lowered to 65 centimeters off the floor, which means I'm very low to the ground, sitting up straight, with both hands in front of me, warding off the cryk, who is still hanging about, asking me things like, "Hey. Hey, you gonna sit like that? Hey...hey, you gonna sit with one leg under you again so that you lean to the left and pull on your shoulder juuuuuusssst a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit? C'mon, please? Just for a few minutes." Begone, cryk! Get thee, er, behind me! Way behind!

Do you know that last December I read a whopping total of 3 books? Even considering one of them was 3x the size of a regular paperback that is a pretty sad total for a month when I commonly average 10. This December? The month we're in right now, of which said month the date is the 22nd, meaning that there is only about another week to go? I'll be lucky to have finished the book I'm reading by then, and it's only the SECOND BOOK. What? You don't care? No. I didn't think so really, but I'm not in the mood to worry about it.

*wishes for covers to put head under*

*goes back to work instead*
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