January 8th, 2005



Oh the wind is lashing lusterly
And the trees are thrashing thrusterly
And the leaves are rustling gusterly

I'm having flashbacks to December 1999 when hurricane-force winds ripped through Sweden, tore the roof off our porch, downed trees for miles around and left people without electricity for days. 3 people have already died tonight and 280,000 homes are without electricity. We have so far only lost it for about 5 minutes earlier this evening, but the wolfwinds are still howling around the house.


I come from a game-playing family. While we were growing up and moving around, we played games. A lot of board games and a lot of card games. Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Gin Rummy, War, Solitaire, later we added Hearts and Bullshit, 99, and then Euchre. I miss card games.

Sorry! was one of my favorite board games as a child. My sister had Aggravation, and we also loved Payday, Mousetrap and Monopoly. At one point my brother and I could spend hours playing Stratego, and my sister and I conquered the world and each other regularly with Risk.

When we lived in Europe, we owned 4 Monopoly sets, and once in awhile we'd have a marathon Monopoly session with all 4 boards together at the same time. You put the GO squares together in the center, and proceed around in a clover-leaf pattern. Because our games were in other languages and currencies, you had to exchange money when passing from one board to another sometimes, using whatever the daily exchange rate was. Games could literally take weeks to finish.

Anders doesn't come from a game-playing family, so even though he plays games more or less willingly, he doesn't have the tradition of cut-throat cheerfulness that my family does when it comes to games. He calls spending an evening with my family around the TP board "Trivial Abuse," even though he has fun, too.

When we started the AWC several years ago, one of the events we regularly scheduled was Game Night. We had quite a group of friends who were also players and we had a lot of fun each time we met. Then it tapered off and it's been hard to get it going again, as people come and go and interests and schedules shift.

Last night, Emily hosted the first game night of 2005 and even though we were only 7 people it was a big success and so much fun. I managed to drag Anders along and the kids as well. And I got to play 3 NEW games! Well, 1 of them was a variation on an old favorite, but it was so much fun I may have to buy the new version. If you've never played Wit's End, Outburst or Lie Detector, I can highly recommend them all.

Special to Sarah, Mom & John: While playing Outburst one of the categories my team got was "Things You Say to Your Siblings" and while we were shouting out answers, Anders chimed in with "You're ADOPTED!" and IT WAS ON THE CARD! hahahahha!


Shout-Outs: Thank you to therealshedork for the awesome care package. You do care package better than anyone in the world except my mom! Thank you to the fabulous Sheryl of Paper Napkin who floored flabbergasted flattered me IMMENSELY this evening with a Bloggy nomination. I'm nowhere near being in your league, my dear, but you certainly made my night!

Colorful, Rainbow Flowered Birthday Wishes to blueberrymoon!
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