January 14th, 2005



Anders and the kids are leaving extremely early tomorrow for their annual father-kid ski trip up north in the mountains of Sweden. They're picking up Anders' best friend Mats, along with his son Viktor, on the way and they'll be gone for 8 days. It's going to be SO QUIET around these parts. What will I do without Karin jumping up and down on my head, wrestling me to the ground, giving me backrubs and telling me I'm the best? What will I do without Martin reading me terrible jokes from his new 2001 Jokes & Riddles book that my mom sent him, giggling every time I tickle him, laughing at him getting all cocky playing games of Crazy Eights and shitgubbe? What will I do without being able to talk over the day with Anders, tag-teaming the kids, telling me I love you each night without which I have a hard time falling asleep?

Oh...I think I'll manage. :D

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Patience
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