January 29th, 2005



Toto, I don't think we're in Sweden anymore. It's been sunny in January for a week! 7 days! I'm loving the blue sky and bright sun and glitter off the diamond-crystal-melty-white snow, but I'm pretty sure we're not in Sweden anymore. 7 days of sunshine in the middle of winter in Sweden is unheard of. But you're hearing it here! It's true! Would I kid you? I can hardly believe it myself, each day glowing like a bright jewel, a shiny gift. Maybe this is an alternate universe. Let's do the time warp again!*

Knock Knock
Who's there?
I'm a pile up.

hahahahaha! Me so funny!

Book Rec: I know I've raved about Philippa Gregory's books in my journal before, even though I've only read a couple, but if you have a chance, do pick up her short story collection Bread and Chocolate because it is absolutely scrumptious and lovely, even the stories that have nothing to do with bread or chocolate.

My sister just emailed me to say that her sambo got the job he interviewed for a couple of weeks ago and they'll be moving to St. Louis this summer! WOO HOO! Congrats Sarah & Tom, that is awesome news!

Nothing to do day except whatever I want.** So far, that has included sleeping in, some small chores, grocery shopping, catching up with blogs and reading. If I could do this every day, would it lose its attraction? It would, I know. At least I think I know. Actually, I guess I don't know, since the first year we were in Sweden, when I wasn't working, I was taking Swedish classes, doing an internship, and growing a baby. The next 2 years that I spent not "working" were at home with 2 small children, so I don't think that counts. Even my one week a year when my family goes skiing hasn't totally counted because I had to work. Retirement will be a revelation, I'm sure.

The other day, Karin brought a letter home from daycare for me. It was in an envelope that she had made herself. She had drawn pictures of me and her (one of us is sticking out our tongue, but I can't tell who's who), and a stamp on the front and it was addressed Hälsningar till Liss från Karin"*** Inside, she had placed a handmade NEW COMPUTER for me. It's kind of like a mini-notepad in size, but with lots of added features, and she drew the whole thing from memory.

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*My apologies if that causes an earworm for you like it did for me, but I like to share the pain.
**aside from, of course, feeding and dealing with the kids.
***Greetings to Liz (don't ask me about the spelling) from Karin
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