February 5th, 2005



Thanks to the wonders of the support circle that is LJ, and the generosity of travelertrish I was able to add nearly ALL of my favorite blogs to my LJ friends list, so I can read everyone in one place and not have to click on a dozen lot of gazillion websites to see if people have updated their journals and blogs.

There were only a handful that didn't have their sites XML formatted, but that's okay and maybe I can talk them into doing so sometime in the near future. Because it's all about my personal convenience! :P

I went to another AWC game night last night, although I couldn't convince Anders to come this time, and drove away from the house feeling both guilty and exhilarated. There were a lot of people, and since the girls started out drinking material girls and red wine things deteriorated livened up rather quickly. 4, count 'em, FOUR glasses of red wine were toppled, overturned, knocked over and crashed during the course of the evening, staining respectively a white-and-heart-striped tablecloth, a yellow and green checked tablecloth, several beige chair cushions, 2 pairs of black pants, and a pair of white embroidered curtains. 3 cheers for Oxybreeze! The first two glasses happened during dinner, but the 2nd two, despite my warnings of CLEAR THE TABLE, NO GLASSES ON THE TABLE, I'M TELLING YOU, YOU'LL REGRET IT, were knocked over during the increasingly heated rounds of Colorado Crazy Eights* Then we played Guesstures (just another version of Charades) and Outburst.

Today has been a lazy day so far, just what I needed after a long hectic week of being sick and double-time busy at work. And no cooking tonight, as we're heading to dinner with some friends we haven't seen in a dog's age. :)

*Officially, the funnest game on the planet
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