February 6th, 2005



How the heck did it get to be Sunday evening already?! Weekends go way too fast. Even when we don't have a lot of plans, they go way too fast, but when we do have things going on, they go even faster and MAN, I wish someone would put the 4-day work week into effect already or at least give me back my free Fridays. sigh

Time flows like a river. Who said that first? It moves around and past us, but it doesn't leave us in its wake, it carries us along with it, and like water, the damage is visible finally when we're washed up to shore, battered, smoothed, worn away. Some days I'm completely content to float along, fetching up wherever the water of time takes me; other times I struggle against the current, trying madly to paddle, to bail, to gain another few minutes. It slips away like water, leaves my hands damp and dripping.

We're caught fast in a torrent of time.


Saturday night we had dinner with old friends. Good friends that we don't see often enough. They have 2 cocker spaniels, extremely personable, well-behaved dogs, and we spent a portion of the evening deep in dog-talk, while Karin petted and loved on Eddie and Chimay. They loaned us a "new puppy" manual and the videotape that accompanies it. The kids watched the first half of it this evening, and after declaring at the sight of each new puppy onscreen, "I want one like that," Karin begged me with tears in her eyes for us to get two dogs...one for her and one for the rest of us. We're going to have to do something about this SOON. reebert! How is your dog-breeding plan moving along??
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