February 19th, 2005

amuse me


2 hours sitting on the runway, in the very last seats which were right next to the constant engine running and didn´t recline, plus 1.5 flight, plus no wheelchair to meet me when departing, meaning I had to hobble UP a long ramp and down a hall, while my hip and butt cramped and my leg threatened to collapse under me to where the cart was waiting, plus a 2 hour drive through the snow-covered landscape and darkness, plus getting lost in Füssen because we couldn´t read the poorly-lit roadsigns and having no access on the mobile phones, and finally finding our way to my brother´s apartment at 2:00 a.m. only to face a flight and a half of stairs wiped me out completely. What a hellacious day.

Today, Simone, who is a physical therapist, worked on my foot, iced it and I laid with it elevated for several hours. It feels MUCH better and I´m hopeful it will be able to bear some weight after tomorrow.

The whole place is covered with a 2-foot coating of picture-postcard-perfect snow, padding rooftops and hedges, lining sidewalks with short white piled walls. The view from the balcony over the rooftops is of pine- and snow-covered mountains. Everyone, except, uh...me, is going skiing tomorrow. I have books and crossword puzzles and the internet (albeit on a VERY slow dial-up) to keep me occupied. I expect to become very familiar with the interior of John and Simone´s cozy apartment. Although, in addition to the slowness (AIEEE, the slowness!) of the internet connection, the German laptop has the Z and Y keys switched which means a lot of backtracking and correcting, and I´ll be known as liyardek during the duration.

Karin: *playing a game with Martin on the living room floor, involving paper, small plastic figures and a rolling stamp pad, gets up to go to the bathroom* Can you pause the game, Martin?
Liz: *laughing* He´s not a computer game, silly!

PS: Slow dial-up means minimal reading and commenting while I´m gone, unfortunately.
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