March 2nd, 2005



Anders is watching Jägarna,* a Swedish movie starring Rolf Lassgård and Helena Bergström, whom I normally really like when they're together in movies. It's on Swedish TV regularly, but after watching a short portion of it once and finding it extremely distasteful, I've never bothered to watch the whole thing. So when I realized what movie it was, I asked Anders just now, "oh, is that the movie with the hunters and the horrible things and the mean people and the killing and ickiness?" and Anders gave me this sort of very patient guy look and said, "well, yes, I guess you can sum it up like that." Heh.

He'll watch nearly any movie that is scheduled on TV, it doesn't matter what it is, or how many times he's seen it before. I just can't do that. Even when it's a movie that I don't find objectionable, I often find myself wandering off halfway through to go do something else, or picking up a magazine or book and sort of paying half-attention to both of them. I think it's just the TV medium itself that turns me off and away.

Bleah. I don't want to talk about TV.

I'm tired. I can feel that sort of hot, stretchy feeling around my eyes that means if I laid my head on a pillow right now I'd be out in about 5 seconds. Why is it that I so rarely take my eyes up on that feeling? Instead, I sit at the computer and surf LJ or work on the AWC site, or whatever other projects I'm in the midst of...except my family homepage update and what the hell is THAT mental block all about?! And then at 11:00 p.m. or so, I finally give up and go to bed, only to read for 15 minutes half an hour 45 minutes oh AAGH! it can't be that late already!! and when the alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. the next morning I just want to kick my stupid self.

Cracking Me Up: Dooce & the Internet's Most Embarrassing Moments

Which, while reading, has killed nearly an hour and a half that I could have been reading in bed sleeping. *kicks stupid self*

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now and I'm Not Just Saying That Cuz It Was My Idea: Thinkum's Hand-Me-Downs

*The Hunters
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