March 8th, 2005



Hey! Guess what I'm eating right now?! *bounces off the walls and carooms across the room*


Sent to me by a very nice woman who lives in Ohio and who participated in GISBE! Along with books and some other candy that I didn't really see very well because my nose was deep in the chocolate-covered raisin bag. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Thank you, Heather!

My poor partner is still waiting for hers, but it was mailed today, so it's finally on its way.
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You'll Eat It And You'll Like It!
Liz: *comes home after a full day of work and makes a tuna-mushroom-artichoke casserole with crumbled potato chips on top for dinner* Dinnertime!
Family: *comes to table*
Karin: *turns up nose and makes gagging noises*
Liz: You know, someday this will be your favorite dish, and you'll make it so well that someone will marry you for it.
Anders: *smiles at Liz*
Karin: *clutches throat, rolls eyes up in head*
Liz: ...or maybe that's just me.
Karin: *keels over in chair with a groan*

I'm having an illustration orgy. Every now and then I go on these kicks where I surf the web for artists and am totally blown away by what I find out there. I've been collecting art since I was old enough to wield a pair of green-rubber-handled blunt-end left-handed scissors. I have notebook after notebook filled with images cut from magazines, printed out and copied, hand-drawn, torn from various media. I don't have plans for them, they aren't fodder for collage (well, sometimes they are), I just collect them because I LOVE them so. They move me. They make me stop and stare. They cause me to turn pages slowly, turn back again, look once more. They fill up my brain with beauty.

There is never enough wall space to display all my coveted artwork and photography, especially with a husband who believes, unlike me and my family, that it's disturbing to cover every spare inch of wall with something to look at. I had all these fantasies, when we were building our house, that I would actually be able to hang up every last framed piece of artwork I owned. Ha! There is still a pile more than a foot deep, leaning against the closet wall, sadly swiped with a dustcloth every now and again. I rotate some of them, but there is just never enough room for it all.

I get out my notebooks once in awhile and leaf through them, pausing here and there for a beauty fix. I wonder what my children will make of these notebooks some day. Will they wonder why in the hell I saved that magazine photograph of a pile of frozen foods or that entire series of antique French alphabet book leafs? I'm intrigued by color, repeated patterns, the shape of a woman's neck. Rooster artwork nearly always makes me smile. Pointillism, watercolor washes, pen and ink, cross-hatching, they all grab something inside and pull gently. I'm my own private curator of a notebook gallery, a custom museum of beauty chosen by me, for me.

Illustrators I've Been Admiring Recently, in No Particular Order: David Hohn, Marla Baggetta, Barbara Hranilovich, Richard Johnson, Echo Chernik, Rocco Baviera, Robert M. Place
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