March 20th, 2005



Gorgeous sunshiney spring days, albeit shivering frosty cold in the minus temperatures. The kids play in the gurgling water-filled ditch behind the house, stomping the ice edges, building bridges, muck schlurping around their sodden ankles and mud-spattered playpants. We can't keep them out of it. They're drawn like magnets to water, that new, cool plaything.

This morning we went to the International Dog Show in Malmö in the hopes of accosting a flat-coated retriever breeder or two and bombarding them with our ignorance and questions about puppies, the acquisition of, the care of, the raising of, the logistics of. No luck. Not an FCR in sight. A gazillion other dogs though, everywhere, and all around, big ones, little ones, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen. The bummer was that after about an hour in the trade show center, despite the huge open spaces and high ceilings, I started sneezing and feeling all itchy-eyed. Not good. Well, hopefully it was the overwhelming amount of dogs packed into the space...but we'll have to see about MY allergies as well as Anders'.

Then Karin and I took the camera on an expedition to the willows and stopped at Södra Sandby church afterwards.

(more) On the willows there...

(more) Tiptoe through the tombstones...

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