April 9th, 2005

cocked and loaded


I have a couple of essays or, at least, paragraphs, that I want to write about, but they seem to still be percolating. One is about the concept of sacred, and one is about the loss of a sense of proportion in the world and how that lies at the bottom of so many things I think are wrong with people nowadays. Hopefully they'll bubble to the surface soon so I can spit them out and they can quit bothering me.

The fever virus is obviously highly contagious because Karin came down with it last night and I have few hopes that the adults in the house, assuming it's not a child-dedicated virus, will escape, judging by its virulence. You can really see when the kids are sick, it shows in the dark circles under their eyes and their glazy stares. Karin has taken 2 naps today (!!) and the bounce has gone out of her. My neighbor told me her kids had had the same thing this past week, and it disappeared after 3 days, which seems to be the case with Martin, so hopefully Karin will be feeling better by the end of the day tomorrow.

Mom brought me Hayley Westernra's Pure CD. Magical! I remember hearing about her from courtesy and telling Mom, who worked her magic and found it for me. I'd like to get her other 2 albums, but they're outrageously priced as imports on amazon, and I have to keep my money to pay for GAS.

At the grocery store today, we bumped into no less than 4 people we knew, all of them the parents of children in Karin or Martin's class. One of the mothers, while chatting with me, mentioned that she had recently checked out our family website and was very complimentary. I was really thrown for second, and then had a sudden moment of total dizziness wondering if she was reading my journal. Not that it matters if she is, but it once again brought home to me that I have no way of knowing WHO is out there reading this. Hi Lurkers! *waves*

Mom also brought with her a chocolate bar for us to taste. It's a Vosges Haute Chocolat RED FIRE BAR, and its ingredients include Mexican ancho y chipotle chili peppers, Ceylon cinnamon and dark chocolate. It breaks apart into rich loamy squares just over an inch square and it smells divine. The price? A spicy $5.99...ow! Mom kept warning me it was hot, and I, drunk on the smell of the square in my hand, was all, yeah yeah okay. I nibbled the side off. Dreamy rich chocolate. Hey, no problem! I can handle this. I took another bite. It melted down my tongue and slid into my throat. Mmmm.....ooowww! Um, burning. Burning! Then I sat and whimpered quietly in the chair, finally reduced to sheepishly handing over the rest of the square to my iron-mouthed husband. I am officially a wimp. They have other chocolate bars featuring curry, and wasabi, and I bet I could handle those! Oh yeah! Bring 'em on!
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