April 28th, 2005



Things I'm Thankful For Today:
  • My ability to not drive off the road despite the fact that my attention is way too much on the greening leaves and not on what I'm doing

  • A husband that automatically lifts his hands to rub my shoulders for a moment if I stand in front of him and turn around, even if he rolls his eyes first

  • 2 children that do not have headlice, that clear their dishes wipe their placemats and push their chairs in after meals, that give good hugs

  • Airplanes that deliver my loved ones safely home

  • My menstrual flow (see! I was right!) which, while being a general pain in the ass, and coming with no warning, at least does not reduce me any longer to a fetally-curled whimpering ball of cramps and has the added bonus of signifying that I am not pregnant

  • A job, which, while being the most intense and whipcracking EVER, is a constant joy, stimulation, and challenge, and NEVER boring

  • Late evening sunshine that washes the house in a golden glow

  • A washing machine that gets looks-like-someone-axe-murdered-her-in-her-bed-bloody-nose bloodstains out of laundry

  • Really good books that raise interesting questions and have unpredictable plot twists

  • Plump and plummy purple, water-speckled seedless grapes

  • Summer vacation plans

  • That my stomach is not filling mysteriously with air and swelling up until it explodes
  • Current Music
    Maria McKee—I Found Love