May 10th, 2005



Holy untame lions, Aslan. I just watched the trailer for the upcoming The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.


It looks, as with a very few books-to-film, that they might have gotten it right. There aren't very many films of books that really get it right, although it does seem like filmmakers are getting better at it. Anne of Green Gables was one. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter were both the work of genius in bringing books to life, although I actually felt that the first Harry Potter film did almost TOO good a job. It was so exactly the book that after the initial joy that everything LOOKED so right, it was almost boring to watch the story unfold.

I discovered the Narnia books at a very early age, and I've read them so many times I can practically quote them. I had the entire set, battered and dog-eared, with Pauline Baynes' illustrations until I was an adult and was forced delighted to acquire a 2nd set because Leo & Diane Dillon had done new covers. I re-read them regularly. They never get old.

There are other beloved books coming to the big screen this summer, including Howl's Moving Castle and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, but my money is on Narnia.
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