May 17th, 2005



This actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to write about it. One weeknight at dinner, after work/school/daycare, when Anders and Martin and I were a bit flat from a busy day, Karin was completely full of beans. The jumping kind. She bounced around in her chair, interrupted repeatedly, broke into song, made wild grimaces and generally behaved as if she had ants in her pants. I kept threatening to throw her outside to burn off some energy. Finally, after a particularly prolonged oingy-boingy-fit, I pointed at the door and said in no uncertain terms, "OUT! Get out and run around the house NOW! Five times! GO!" She wiggled and giggled and after another threatening pointing arm gesture, she bounded away from the table, from the kitchen into the laundry room and slammed the door shut.

We could hear her in there banging around, talking to herself. "Shoes!" I yelled. "FIVE TIMES!" We heard her yank her jacket off the hook, open her shoebox, stomp around for a sec, then the door opened and banged shut. We waited to see her come around the corner, but we couldn't see her yet from the kitchen windows. I got up, suspicious, and started for the laundry room door. Just before I got there, the door flew open, and there she was, with the most evilly happy grin on her face. When she saw how close I was to the door, our expressions must have mirrored each other's for a moment: big eyes, round mouths...then she bellowed out a huge blast of laughter, threw her arms around her waist and doubled over in hilarity. She was in her stocking feet, no jacket. She had faked the whole thing.

"OUT!!" I said. Then we sat in the kitchen and laughed our heads off while she zoomed around the house 5x, making faces at us and singing nonsense noise all the way. Monkey kid.

I went to the optician today and got fitted for new eyeglasses. They come in a week. *bounce* I'm WAY overdue, and the doctor yelled at me for waiting so long, and said I making things worse by waiting. I'm at the limit for regular lens, due to my age (sob) but he didn't think I was in need of bifocals progressive lens just yet. whew! The best part is that work is paying for about 1/3 of the price, since they are also for computer viewing. :)

On my way home, I stopped at the plantskola and bought dirt and a couple of GORGEOUS dahlias. Then because it was so pretty out, I took photos of things coming up in our garden. Happy, happy!

darling, darling dahlias

front garden

(Lizard, Lizard, What a Wizard...How Does Your Garden Grow?)

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