May 25th, 2005



Why, WHY is this so difficult??

2 popsicle sticks on the kitchen counter.

A tupperware container in the fridge with one corner open (a frequent find).

The TV left on in an empty room.

2 socks, a pair of pants, a t-shirt and underwear dropped on the floor IN FRONT OF the laundry basket.

Etcetera och så vidare.


I can hear my mom chuckling all the way from here.

My post about rapeseed really touched a chord, it seemed, and today my new friend kejn posted some photos of rape fields taken right around HERE!

This is what I drive through and by EVERY DAY.

Had my first massage in over a year today. It was both awesomely wonderful because, MMMMMMmmmassage, and horribly disappointing, because he gypped me out of 10 minutes, the ratfink. I'm going to tell him next time I want 40 minutes or my money back!

Christina from Moonstruck and I spoke tonight, and I confirmed that we definitely want a puppy, contingent on good-allergy-news. She has 3 boy pups left and will "save" them for us, for the moment. I have an appointment at the clinic on Monday, but Anders is having to worm his way through the system, since his is an asthma-related problem, he has to write a letter to his insurance and they forward it to the Sweden Lung Association, who then will call him in to be tested. Who knows how long THAT will take?! Anyway, Christina said that July isn't a problem and they can hold the dog we choose until then, after we sign papers and pay a deposit. I have my fingers so tightly crossed it's a bit hard to type...

Today was, interesting mail day. I did the happy dance at the mailbox because 1) a postcard from purrthecat! and 2) a package! Who is sending me a package? I wasn't expecting any packages! *rips open package*'s a paper-wrapped cylinder...*wondering*

*rips open paper-wrapped cylinder*

AAGH! VEGEMITE! She actually did it! She sent me some! Now I'm GOING TO HAVE TO TRY THE BLOODY STUFF!

Sunny, Singing Birthday Wishes to kornrd!