June 5th, 2005



Places I Do Not Live:
  • Fly or Flyvbjerg, Denmark
  • Fly, Flybacken, Flyeboda, Flykälen, Flymen, Flyn, Flyeryd or Flygfors, Sweden
  • Flyford Flavell, England
  • Flying Point, Flying Mountain, or Flynns Lick, USA
  • Flyugovka, Russia
  • Flyverfjord, Norway

Other Places on the Same Latitude:
  • Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
  • The Bering Sea
  • Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Hudson Bay, Canada
  • Glasgow, Scotland
Things You Might Not Have Known About Sweden:
  • It's the fifth largest country in Europe
  • It's roughly the same size as California or Japan*
  • Since 1814 and the Napoleanic conflicts, Sweden has not actively taken part in any wars**
  • The average temperature in Malmö during January is 0.2C/31.6F and in July is 16.8C/62.2F
  • Even down south in Sweden, where we are, we get an average of 17 hours of daylight during July
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