June 12th, 2005



I was feeling particularly blank today. I am not sure why, but it probably has something to do with the moon or the rain or the numbers at the wrong end of the temperature scale. Perhaps I'm just tired, which isn't wholly out of the realm of probability with me on any given day.

I don't like feeling blank, and I don't WANT to feel blank. I sat here and stared at the screen for several minutes and nothing, but nothing, came to me. I thought earlier about some things to write about, but inspiration has flown off elsewhere and is hopefully lighting a fire under some other lucky writer and not sitting in a dark, smoky bar somewhere, with her head in her hands and a whisky sour in front of her, because there's nothing uglier than a drunken, belligerent inspiration getting all up in your face and demanding to know what you intend to do about it, huh, HUH?

Not that I'd know, having never been drunken and belligerent. At least not ever having been drunken. I'm pretty sure I've been belligerent. In fact, my brother can probably confirm that I was belligerent just recently. Heh.

I have these urges to go and play with art supplies, but they usually occur 10 minutes before the dryer beeps or dinner needs to be started, or while I'm in the shower getting ready for work.

I have these urges to sit down and write a poem or a short story or a journal entry, but they seem to occur while I'm zoning out in the passenger seat, or right before I fall asleep, or while I'm in the shower getting ready for work.

I haven't talked to my mom in weeks, maybe that has something to do with it. She's busy helping my sister pack up her family and house and move to St. Louis. Talking to my mom is very grounding, usually (unless she's just been to one of her psychic seminars*).

Then, I thought, well, duh. Go read your friends page. There's always something going on out there, and someone to talk to, and cheer up, and cheer on, and read about, and maybe you'll find that slacker, inspiration, and remind her it's your turn, dammit. And there she was, and she was TALKING ABOUT ME. (and she was right about my link!! LOL)

Reé, thank you. I'm floored and moved and touched and grateful. :)

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*haha! that was a joke, mom! :P