July 10th, 2005

life is good


I always feel slightly guilty about referring to The Netherlands as "Holland" but on this trip I realized that all the postcards I saw said Holland so now I don't care. It's the same American-centric weirdness that made me wince as I was answering my daughter's question about why people from Holland speak something called DUTCH when everyone else's languages match the names of their countries, or nearly.

Holland appeals to my sense of order.

It makes the Virgo blood in me sing quietly. The trees in rows, the shining strips of the canals neatly dissecting the country in every direction. Brown-baked boat people, water people, salted and smiling. Tidy small brick buildings, arching bridges, curliqued ironwork.

Germany appeals to my sense of drama.

High-rise mountains, green and glowing emerald, castles around every corner and timeworn ruins on every other hill crest. It makes my Leo sun burn brightly, it shines out through my eyes. Garlands of pink and scarlet fill the balcony windowboxes of every timbered house.

John's computer is on dial-up, and we´ve been 1) motoring, 2) without internet access, 3) really busy, for 4 excuses why I haven't been online. I miss you guys. I have so much to tell you! See you soon.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Gnawing
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