July 17th, 2005



Take the following and mix well:
14 Spiderman plates and cups
14 meatball-and-hotdog shishkebabs
1 giant bowl of buttered noodles
3.5 large pitchers of strawberry juice
1 giant container of vanilla ice cream mixed with whipped cream and meringues (add chocolate and sugar sprinkles and chocolate sauce as desired)
1 gigantic rented moonbounce!
14 children
13 non-girly presents with the wrapping paper frantically ripped off and tossed aside
1 superhero treasure hunt
14 bags of candy
2 parents trying to be everywhere at once

What the heck is it?? (we kept it a surprise. Also, Mom! Look!! THE DRESS!!)

*collective wooooowwwwww of awe*

Group shot! Say OMELET!*

Result: a very happy birthday party for Miss Karin Linnéa Ek, age 6!

OMELEEEEEEEET! (note the missing tooth :)

Big Bouncy Bouncy BOUNCY Birthday Wishes to sithhappens!

*In Sweden, that's what people say instead of "say cheese!" to get a smile when taking photographs. As you can see, it has mixed results.
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