August 3rd, 2005



How tired do you have to be in order to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue?

Cinnamon roll pop-tarts spread with butter and nuked in the microwave for 30 seconds are divine.

Some days I'd just rather be reading blogs.

This made me laugh out loud, though: What everyone should know about blog depression (thanks to cottontimer for the link!)

O Brother Where Art Thou? was on TV tonight and I actually sat down and watched nearly all of it. I really like this movie. And it's the first time I've ever considered George Clooney to be acting and not just being himself, like he usually does with that little self-deprecating head-duck.

Tax refunds come this week. I can't remember if we're getting one. *fingers crossed, thumbs held*

10 favorite songs: We Close Our Eyes—Oingo Boingo, Something About You—Level 42, Build Me Up Buttercup—The Foundations, Frank Mills—Hair the Musical, Crazy Game—Indigo Girls, It Must Be Love—Rickie Lee Jones, If I Had My Way—Peter, Paul & Mary, Baby the Rain Must Fall—Glenn Yarbrough, Uncertain Smile—The The, On the Street Where You Live—My Fair Lady*

The cryk in my neck is creeping back, after only 3 days at work. waah!

I love logic problems, the kind you find in the Puzzle/Crossword magazines but I invariably get stumped halfway through and give up after staring blankly for some time at the little x's and o's. My mom, however, is a champion logic problem solver and whips through them in minutes. How come I didn't inherit that, Mom?

Really, I think this amount of tiredness is an indicator of some sort...of a higher than usual proportion...of tiredness.

Hey, do you hear that? I think it's my bed...calling me. Yep, definitely my bed. I can hear my pillow from here.

*Damn, it was hard to stop. That was supposed to be 6.
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