August 5th, 2005



I had both good news and not yet news today regarding the people I talked about a couple of weeks ago.

Kristian, the husband of Angie, our good friends, had surgery on his jaw today, is staying overnight in the hospital, and is scheduled for more surgery on his arm next week, as they are still unsure about the status of the cancer and are doing several procedures and biopsies to make sure if they got it all or not. They are concerned it has gotten into his lymph nodes, but the test results will take another 2 weeks to come back. I think the not knowing is the worst part for all of them. So we're still waiting, with Angie, to find out exactly what the deal is.

The good news is that the 17-year-old that had the accident with the horse has woken up. She's no longer in a coma, and they have very optimistic hopes for her recovery. She's having trouble with motor coordination on one side and with memory loss, but she's awake and able to communicate and has been moved to a rehabilitation center. Being so young and resilient, they are hopeful she will recover completely with time. :)

Myskväll tonight. The kids are going to bed in a few moments and then Anders and I are going to watch Så som i himmelen* which has gotten rave reviews and was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year for Best Foreign Film.

*As it is in Heaven
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