August 26th, 2005



We were going to go go-carting for our team-building activity this afternoon on the 2nd day of our off-site meeting, but the sun was shining, and Malmö Festival was in full swing, and we were running late, and no one really felt like go-carting, so we ended up deciding to ditch it and go shopping in the late afternoon instead,...except that I went back to the office and worked for 2 hours instead.

We were going to take the kids and go down to Malmö Festival tonight to eat festival food and cotton candy and walk around and see the fireworks, but after dithering about it for a bit and talking back and forth with Anders and the kids, I fell asleep for 2 hours instead.

Shout-Out to Writers! If you write poetry and would like to submit your work to an wonderful online 'zine, Mosaic Minds is looking for submissions! The theme is "Just a Little..." but only feature articles need to follow the theme, so for poetry anything goes! Short notice for submission deadline: Thursday, September 1st to

My to-do list at work has 32 items on it. My to-do list at home has 15, not including cleaning in any shape or form...a negligence for which I will pay dear once the dust bunnies attack. (Bunnies. They're everywhere. They're the new black!)

I feel so boring lately. Work-sleep-work-sleep is not making for any scintillating journal entries. Is it Blog Depression or is it just fatigue? I really can't keep blaming the poor little soft and furry bunnies.

I need sushi. Yeah. That's it.