August 29th, 2005



I'm ashamed to tell you where the camera was.

We looked around outside this morning and reaffimed that it was nowhere on the deck, in the yard or in the garage. Karin reiterated that she had left it out on the porch table and not taken it anywhere else. We talked at the breakfast table about the 3 friends who were here in the afternoon and whether or not any of them might have taken it to play with or moved it and Martin and Karin were asked to ask them nicely if they remembered having seen it.

I worked a bit late and when I finally got home, having left my brain at work, since it would NOT STOP thinking about it anyway, Anders greeted me with the news that the camera had been to the computer monitor.


Right in front of me. Right in front of him. Right in front of all of us.

Granted, our computer room is on the dark side, and granted, the monitor is black and it was pushed in under the side of it, and granted, it was late and we were tired, and finally granted that Karin said she had left it outside and she was SURE that was where she had left it. But still.

Due apologies and hugs issued to Karin who magnanimously shrugged it off with a "Det var ingenting, Mama."*

I win the prize for Idiot Of The Month so you can all rest easy for another 30 days.

Therefore, without further ado, I present:

Collapse )

Great Big Shout-Out to the wonderfully talented redpirk who sent me an art page today for my friends-art-book. It's a beautifully thought-out collage of some of her lovely photography, and I am THRILLED. Thank you, Jess!!

*It was nothing, Mama