October 28th, 2005



Horrible, stressful morning at work, to cap off a fairly stressful, busy week. One of those days when there are 42 million interruptions and you've already got too much to do, and the DAMN COMPUTER WON'T COOPERATE. I felt like putting my fist through the monitor screen a couple of times, I was so aggravated. I think I even scared my officemate at one point. :) Thankfully, after laborious medicating (of the computer) and tedious do-over-fix-it-work, I got the bloody thing to behave. A bazillion big projects all coming to deadline at once does not make for a calm lizardek.

A Phone Call I Was Glad to Make Today: School and the after-school daycare were closed today for a staff-development day, and Ander's mom graciously agreed to spend the day at our house with the kids as we both had to work. I ended up working really late (see above) and didn't arrive home until after she had left. When dinner was over and the kids finally in bed, I called her up to thank her for babysitting, and for WASHING WINDOWS. They're so clean it looks as if she changed them out for new ones. They're so clean that you can see the reflection of every light in them times three (3 panes). They're so clean that if you didn't know better you would think there was NO GLASS in any of them. I am a lucky, lucky, blessed daughter-in-law.

Can someone please figure out why I keep waking up at 5:15 a.m. every damn morning and make it stop? It's not my bladder. It's not my alarm. It's not the light outside or the birds. Argh.

Grumpy American Moment: Right after dinner, there was suddenly a knock on the door. I thought, "hmmm, that's odd. Who could that be?" STUPID SWEDISH TRICK-OR-TREATERS, that's who!! FOUR days early! DOH points handed out all around, along with a handful of gummi fingers* and a stern admonishment to keep it straight for next year: Halloween is ONLY on the 31st of October! Trick-or-treating on any other day isn't trick-or-treating: it's BEGGING. Go away and come back on Monday!

Guess what I've got planned for tomorrow? That's right, NOTHING! muahahaha! How happy am I about that? Pretty damn happy, that's how! ...well, except for buying some more Halloween candy, that is.

Fulfilling Wishes, Maybe:

Halloween Happiness: Carve Your Own Pumpkin! (thanks to helloheather for the link!)

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Finding the Money

*Which I was SAVING for my own kid's Halloween, thanks to somebodystrange and davesanngel, but I didn't have any other candy in the house yet. *grumble*