March 19th, 2006



I've been sick as the proverbial dog all day. I slept most of the afternoon, but it hasn't done anything to shake this headcold which has liquified my brain and replaced it with bucketfuls of phlegm. Ew. I'm so grossed out by the thought of bucketfuls of phlegm I can hardly stand myself. That wouldn't even make a good name for a band.

Being as how I haven't been able to do more than drag my weary carcass from bed to sofa to bed, book in hand (did you doubt it? Sick as a dog, but I can still read—I can ALWAYS read) there won't be much scintillating content here tonight. I'm convinced you are used to that by now. I've been working hard at lowering your standards and expectations lately and am confident that soon I'll be able to start posting quiz results and no one will even blink an eye. muahahahaha!

In between the endless slack-jawed games of Spider Solitaire I managed to find the motivation to put up a new banner, though. And I made a bunch of button/icons for the newly born Poetry Thursdays which I'm pretty excited about (the event, not my buttons). How timely is that? Here we all are, loving good poetry and suddenly it's everywhere on the internet, and I feel like one of the cool kids again! Can you be a cool kid with a bucketful of phlegm for a head? Hrm.

And I have a question for you. It's been brought to my attention that when comments get threaded on my journal, text disappears when it's under the avatars of the people commenting and replying. I didn't see the problem, at home or at work, and I'm running IE6 both places. I don't know if everyone who was having the problem is using some other browser, but I've just moved the avatars to be left-justified and want to know if that solves the problem. So can you all comment like crazy* on this entry and let me know what you see?

*What a sneaky way to up my comment count, don't you think? See, even with a bucketful of phlegm running things, I am still a clever chickie.
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