May 21st, 2006

amuse me


The rapeseed is blooming! There's a huge swath of neon-yellow in the field behind our house and when you crest the hill from Lund you can see a green and brown and yellow patchwork quilt spread out in front of you, with rapeseed glowing in giant yellow squares and skinny pointy windmills turning slowing in the breeze. If you start counting quickly, just as you go over the top, you can count 22 of them before you reach the bottom.

I am very glad that the Eurovison Song Contest is over for another year. What a frightshow. I must apologize publicly to my friend thistimearound. She came all the way to Sweden, bringing me a box case of my very favorite candy bar in the whole world, and in return we virtually tied her down in front of a television set and forced her to endure 3 hours of flat singing, eye-popping costuming and bland, forgettable stage performances. She must think we are all completely insane to subject ourselves to such agony annually. It's like being hynotized by a snake. You just. Can't. Look. Away. Reé, you are truly a Good Sport.

Blogging For Dummies
When you sit down at the computer to write a journal post or blog entry, do you already have a subject in mind? Do you read through your blogroll first or your friend's list hoping for inspiration? Do you just start typing in the hopes that something will come of the words you spit or dribble out?

It seems that there is plenty of prompting out there right now, for those who need a nudge, in the form of different sorts of recurring memes: Self-Portrait Tuesday, Poetry Thursday, Illustration Friday, Sunday Scribblings. There was the now defunct Haiku Smackdown Thursdays and there are Photo Fridays and Friday Fives and practically one for every day of the week out there by now if you look hard enough.

So...are they aids or crutches? Are they an inevitable part of the writing life or ubiquitious proof that we're all really sheep under the surface? A way of sharing or the easy way out? Enquiring minds wanna know...what do you think?
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