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Things I have done in the last 3 weeks in no particular order:
  • flown to Germany and back
  • ridden on a 1901 steam train
  • zoomed on a rodelbahn sled down a mountain
  • sung a cappella at my brother's wedding in Füssen's Lord's Hall
  • hugged my grandmother who turns 90 this year
  • froze my feet off on a hot summer day in the Baltic Sea
  • rode an awesome rollercoaster at Legoland Deutschland
  • saw The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
  • toured Neuschwanstein castle in the SNOW
  • played cribbage with my sister
  • threatened a young child within an inch of his life
  • kissed my darling husband extra much on our 10-year wedding anniversary
  • embarrassed my brother's new wife at their wedding reception by calling up all the guys to return her apartment keys
  • figured out what 8 three times was by adding like this: 8 and 8 is 16, 16 and 16 is 32*, minus 8, causing my sister to nearly have a stroke laughing
  • wrapped prizes to mail to contest winners
  • waited 45 minutes at Tivoli's swankiest restaurant for a meal which was not worth the wait
  • peeled asparagus
  • addicted no less than 6 people to my favorite solitaire game
  • won said solitaire game when it REALLY mattered
  • watched my daughter sing and dance onstage at her end-of-kindergarten performance
  • forgot a doctor's appointment for my daughter
  • started reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with my son
  • watched a performance of the musical Ludwig 2 in German
  • designed an 8-page brochure
  • chased stupid loud pheasants out of the yard
  • typed peasants instead of pheasants
  • counted 31 different kinds of wildflowers on 1 walk around a lake with the kids
  • walked over 170,000 steps according to my pedometer
  • bit my tongue numerous times
  • read 1/2 of a book that I am STILL not finished with
  • made chocolate-almond pastry baskets for dessert at our party
  • watched 15 minutes of the execrable Dante's Peak...what WERE they thinking??
  • got sand in my bra
  • spoke Swedish to Germans and German to Danes
Happy Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to purrthecat, anniz and grrlpup!

*bonus points if you get the reference and not the earworm!
mood: sleepy
music: ratchety screechy pheasants in the yard

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