July 4th, 2006



My mind is currently a vortex machine. Below are only some of the thoughts that have been spinning for hours in there. Hopefully, sharing them will cause them to either slow down, and eventually spin to a stop, returning calm seas to my surface, or they will be finally slurped down the drain, which unaccountably seems to be stopped up. Probably with my hair. It's always MY hair in the drain, alas I am unable to dissemble, because I am the only one with long, dark hair in the household.
  • Shit. We have hardly any money left this month and we are leaving in 5 days on a very expensive trip. AAGH! *commence money-freakout*
  • fuckity fuck fuck, there's ANOTHER FLY
  • I will never get everything done that I need to get done in the 3 days I have left at work *commence work-freakout*
  • When was the last time I had sushi, anyway?
  • It must have been simply AGES ago, or I would remember
  • Bloody hell, it's hot
  • Hrm. I think I need to institute cuss-lip again. Becky, where are you when I need you?
  • What is it that is so irresistable about avatar-makers?
  • I can't believe thistimearound ate that last cookie. Honestly, some people!
  • Maybe I could sell something online in the next 3 days and make some quick cash *continue money-freakout*
  • aaaah, freak-out! Le freak, c'est chic
  • Amy, come back to blogging!! I miss you!
  • Where is everyone? It seems awfully quiet around these here parts.
  • Couldn't think of anything for this bulletpoint *insert arbitrary-freakout*
  • So much for buying all the books I want in Scotland. *grumble*
  • I really hate it when Anders is out of town *1 more day of single-parenting freak-out*
  • So tired. Why does all the energy just drain away in the evening? Must.stay.awake.just.a.little.longer...ssssluuuuuuuurrrrrp!
Great Big Gobs of Birthday Wishes to shazzerlive!
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