August 2nd, 2006

life is good


  • lots done and lots to do, with some glowing praise sprinkled over it, at work

  • being forced to go shoe shopping because my little black suede slippers finally came apart at the seams and realizing that all the shoe stores in town are having half-off sales! DOUBLE SCORE!

  • Excellent sushi for dinner (despite the overly long wait) with a gaggle of girlfriends

  • getting to read a very well-written paper about Pettson & Findus book translations by one of the Mosaic Minds staff members

  • drooling over this lovely gallery of travel posters, which makes me want to plan another trip

  • still having 1 book left of the series I am reading

  • having the new IKEA catalog arrive in the mailbox...maybe it's time to think about re-decorating; most of our furniture is old and starting to look it

  • listening to the 4 new CDs which arrived the other day, after I finally remembered to use the gift certificate I received from work last christmas

  • receiving an e-mail from a blogging friend whose writing I greatly admire to tell me he's submitted a piece to Mosaic Minds. Whee!
Cheerful Cheering Birthday Wishes to into_the_blue!
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