August 3rd, 2006



I love sleeping in. In fact, 'love' is really not a strong enough word for the pleasure I derive from simply not having to get out of bed on any given morning. You can judge my enthusiasm for my job by the fact that I prefer to get up early each weekday morning to go do it rather than turning over, slapping the off button on the alarm with a flailing hand and burrowing back into my pillow. I'm not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, but I do believe in starting off each day on the right side of the bed. As a writer, here's a poem I recently found which is my new morning song of inspiration.

What you should do each morning
by Robin Mellor

Peel back the curtains from your eyes,
throw off the covers from your tongue.
Stretch your words out along the verandah
and greet the fresh morning.

Open the windows of chance.
Let the light breeze of something happening
blow through the cobweb corners of your head,
the dusty stairs of thinking.

Eat from a deep bowl of ideas for breakfast,
take a large speckled wish
with fingers of buttered dawn birdsong.

Pull a poem on to each foot, wear
a painted shirt and symphony waistcoat.
And in your shoes soled with imagination
go out and meet the day.


More great poetry can be found at: Poetry Thursday

Currently Coveting: Laini's Holiday Ladies, especially this one and this one. So pretty!