August 30th, 2006



Oh, so busy, so busy!! What a lot of good things this week, which helped to overwhelm the few bad things that popped up here and there like evil moles before I whacked them down with my loud laugh and BIG ATTITUDE.

What else can you ask out of a week than sushi, a massage, a decision definitely made, a good book that keeps me from falling asleep when I ought to, a busy and interesting (albeit crazy) work week, dinner with someone who is becoming the best kind of good friend, phone calls from my sister and my brother, my mom buying me books, a secret fun project, anticipation for the year ahead, choir, book group, and the lovely affirmations of my virtual buddies here?

Just add a crayfish party this weekend, and that ought to fill it to the brim!

Bad thing: THE ENDLESS NEVERENDING NONSTOPPING CONTINUING RELENTLESS rain. Somebody, please, fix the weather. It's broken.

I have barely seen my children for the past 3 days...just enough to get their teeth brushed and their backpacks on and a hug and kiss as we head out the door and they run off up the street toward school; they've been asleep* before I got home the last 3 nights. Tomorrow and Friday we have no plans except to prepare for the crayfish party we are hosting on Saturday, so I will cuddle and tumble and tickle and read stories and give baths and delight in their nearness.

I have barely seen my husband either, though he at least has been awake when I've arrived from bookgroup/workdinner/choirpractice to chat a bit and talk over the day, and also to come and rescue me from the Volvo That Would Not Start yesterday morning (which totalliy started for him later, the stupid thing).

So very many thoughts whirling around in my brain. zoom whiz zip! Also, vroom. Also, whoa!

Please, keep your hands and feet inside the ride and buckle your seatbelt, because here we go! Fall is here!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: The Storm

*Martin always has a pile of books by his bed, because he reads until he falls asleep and we have to pry the book out of his hands and gently and quietly turn the light off. Guess what the book of choice this week has been (and it's not the first time either!)? Click to see!!
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