August 31st, 2006



A few years ago, at my previous job, I was forced by circumstances to move from an office of my own into an open landscape cubicle environment under very crowded conditions. I hated it. I hated it so much it colored everything about my day, my week, my life. It made me grumpy and sad.

After about 7 months in hell, our company closed down and we were all thrown on the job market where I, happily, was extremely fortunate in finding not one but TWO jobs that were perfect and ended up having to make a choice. The only real drawback about my new job, when I first started, was that I was going to have to share a room. At least it was only with 1 person, I thought, and not 40 people, which was what my prior situation had been.

With a creative job that requires a lot of concentration and time to brainstorm and work in a very focused manner, sharing office space adds a great deal of difficulty, pressure and tension to my job. But, after only a few months, my roommate moved out to his own office and I had the big room to myself for awhile. A short time passed and I ended up with another roommate, the assistant to the department, but things didn't work out and she left at the beginning of this year. Rather quickly after that her replacement took the other desk in my room and I was once more a roommate...

until today.


I have MY OWN OFFICE again! ALL BY MYSELF! The view is slightly less than desired (having gone from a sliver of trees, hill and grass before to a view of the building wing across the way now) but I am SO HAPPY. After 2 years, I thought it was only fair that it was someone else's turn to share, and thankfully my boss agreed with me.


Sproingy Boingy Birthday Wishes to girlinthemoon!
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