September 20th, 2006



Dear Week 38,

What'd I ever do to you? You're killing me and I'm only halfway. Cut me some slack, will ya?


In Sweden, a lot of things are reckoned according to what week it is. I don't know if that's a common thing elsewhere in Europe or if it's peculiar to Swedes. All I knew when I first moved here was that there were 52 weeks in the year, but I have no mental calendar to figure out what week it is on any given workday, after about week 12 or so. Thankfully, awhile ago I discovered which quickly and succinctly puts me in the know whenever necessary (assuming I have access to a computer, which I usually do).

3 Vehicles I have Seen So Few Times in the Nearly 10 Years I Have Lived in Sweden That I Can Count Them on 2 Hands: hearse, armored bank truck, double-decker multi-car carrier

Why I Wrote That Last Bit: dunno, it just struck me while I was driving home from choir

So far 3 of my talented online friends are writing morning poems and so far, they are wonderful. I wish I was in the mood. I know that the idea is that you should write even though you are not in the mood, but I fear it would be the camel's back this week. This month. This quarter. I haven't even been in the mood for Poetry Thursday lately. That's not good, is it? This makes me sound as if I'm on the verge of losing it or something, but actually I'm in quite a good mood. Productive and energetic even. Could this be what manic feels like? :P

I have too many things in my head right now, though. How many things can you keep track of before your head explodes? 80 things at work and 45 things at home and 25 things for an extracurricular organization and 24 songs for choir and a grocery list and a birthday list and 14 to-do lists and that's not even counting all the other online and real-life lives that I am connected to and involved with at some level.

Week 38, I'll beat you yet!