September 30th, 2006



It's been thundering and lightning all evening. And writing that sentence just made me realize that whenever we say that, we are using the word lightning as a VERB, just because it has an ing on the end. Really, it should be lightninging, which I just sat here and said several times out loud to see how it sounded, prompting my husband to say, "what?" in a confused tone from the living room.

Last night I had dinner with my oldest girlfriends in Sweden, the women I became friends with first after I moved here, that's nothing to do with their (or my) age. I don't know what to call this group, although a couple of them are calling these dinners "mentor dinners," but that name sounds weird to me. I guess I could refer to them as the "First Friends." Except for Kathey, my bestest bud who moved away many years ago, these are the same friends that I have kept for the entire going-on-10-years I've lived in Sweden. We've been through a lot together: club drama, pregnancies, moving, parties, cancer scares, job changes, job searches, encroaching blindness, illness, and a lot of love, listening and laughter. There was a lot of the three Ls last night. I needed that.

I slept in this morning and yet! so much accomplished today. *pause to pat myself on the back* Not only did I vacuum the ENTIRE house and got the kids to clean up the kids department in record time, I cleaned the fish tank. And then I went to the mall and bought more fish: 10 neon tetras and 5 stripey barbs. Beta, our Siamese Fighting fish died last week, and I was actually kind of sad because he was the only fish with any personality in the tank. He lived to be over a year old. I don't know the average life span of the typical aquarium fish, but I think a year is pretty respectable. There are 4 other fish in the tank that we bought at the same time as Beta...I wonder how long they will last.

Also, I bought a new frying pan and a spoon rest, which we have not had for over a year since the last one got broken and I couldn't find a replacement for ages and finally had to order one. And I bought a pair of pajamas, and a sweater and a black sleeveless tank. Then I came home and worked on the AWC directory, sending emails to people to check their contact info.

For dinner Anders made artichokes and rice and chicken with wok broccoli & sugar snap peas. It was so good! And then I worked some more on AWC stuff, namely, calling people to see if they were planning on renewing their membership. I called 35 people. Okay, a few didn't answer, and a few I left messages with, but still! Whee!

Now I shall either edit the AWC directory some more or edit my book. Or both. Or neither. Maybe I'll go read instead. MAYBE I'll work on my poor, sad, neglected collage book, for which I also bought some fun ephemera today just to make it up to it that it's been sitting sad and lonely on my art table for so long.

I KNOW! Do I not have an exciting life?! What shall I do tomorrow? I think I will do some of it some more, plus add a walk. :)
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