October 26th, 2006



Karin has a misplaced faith in my ability to carve pumpkin masterpieces after I did a Bionicle Mask of Light (under duress) for her 2 years ago...this year I narrowly escaped having to figure out how to carve a Darth Vader pumpkin. May the Gourd be with you! With the help of our first ever pumpkin carving kit pattern, Karin instead chose to go with a Flaming Skull, while Martin and I opted for more traditional jack o'lanterns, after I realized that the darn things were nearly 2 INCHES THICK. They have to last until Tuesday so they're sleeping in the garage during the nights, which are getting progressively colder, although I *knocks wood* still haven't had to scrape car windows in the morning.

So far, the week-and-a-half of single parenting is going swimmingly, although having to leave work early each day to pick up the kids is starting to make me feel a little stressed. I just talked to Anders and he found a super deal on a new little digital camera for me, to replace the one that disappeared...which I'm convinced will turn up within days of his bringing the new one home. :P

Just got the last pieces of the AWC newsletter content I was waiting for, so I can upload everything for proofreading tonight! Yay! 1 more thing off my to-do list!