October 31st, 2006

life is good


Hallowinners: The weather today was miserable, raggedly grey and rainy drizzle. Around lunchtime I began to despair, thinking that the kids would be wet bedraggled rats during the evening festivities, but then, just as I was leaving work, it cleared up COMPLETELY and the sun spread like butter across a washed out blue sky. There were maybe a handful of houses or so that didn't participate, one with a sick child, and a few who weren't home, but otherwise we had an excellent turnout for our first Platanvägen trick-or-treating Halloween, with around 30 kids and some parents who tagged along and told me how great they thought my initiative was. :) The kids came home with bulging pumpkin candy bags (although my inner American child of the 70s secretly sneered at the paltry haul compared to the loot of yesteryear) and all in all, I think we can write this one down as an all-around success and put it on the calendar for next year, to boot. Yay!

After a week+ of single-parenting, I am SO glad that Anders comes home tomorrow. Even though the kids have been angels, and everything has gone just fine, dealing with everything all by myself, day after day, is really starting to get old. It's NICE to share the load with someone and I want my someone home again to share it with! It's weird, I thought I'd be totally stressed out by this time what with the insanity at work but it seemed as the week and weekend progressed, despite all the commitments (every.single.day. except one) I was able to keep it mellow and not break my stride.

Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride, nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no I got to keep on moving... Which, if it doesn't get you dancing, will give you a hella earworm. Sorry 'bout that. Heh.

I feel my thoughts turning toward holiday madness as the calendar revs up. We've already got Christmas party dates. Julbord is booked! Wreathmaking approaches! And the annual Ek Family Thanksgiving Bash planning is in the works. Invitations have been distributed and accepted and the potluck duties handed out. It's nice having friends who I can trust to understand the gravity of making sure that the perfect pumpkin pie is made, that cornbread is on the menu, that will bring SPANISH black olives and not GREEK ones to the table. It's nice to hear the affirmations from my friends that they look forward to this dinner with us every year too, that it's a highlight for them as it is for us. Since I can't have my first familiy here (usually) for Thanksgiving, it warms my heart to think that my family of friends will be here with us to celebrate and count our very real blessings.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Ghosts in the Machines

Bonny and Button-Bright, also Belated, Birthday Wishes to 1222!

*paraphrasing the hell out of Disraeli