November 9th, 2006

black cat


I may be rejoining the living, as things were looking distinctly up, if not perky, today, throat-wise.

A few days ago I actually thought I was having a panic attack at the office, mostly brought on by being sick and strangly, what with the not being able to swallow thing, but also because my workload has been towering over me and getting higher and higher like a swaying skyscraper of project-child's-blocks, teetering creakily this way and that, just stopping short of tipping over with a crash and the wild bonking of blocks on skull by the fact that I am good and fast at what I do. But for each project I crossed off, 2 or 3 were being added, so I was essentially going backwards in terms of progress. But! after yesterday and today, I actually feel I'm on top of things and despite spending most of today on one major project, it turned out to REALLY please my colleague so I think things are going pretty dern well, work-wise.

Late Sunday night I started a 1410-page book. Right now, I am at page 757 which is past the halfway mark, however since I don't want the book to end and won't have the next book in this series to look forward to for god knows how long I am saddened but book-wise, feeling quite complacent about the state of things.

My mom is already mailing Christmas presents and I think my sister claimed to be done, at least with us, as well. I need to get on the ball and get shopping because holiday-wise, I am SO NOT ready. And e11en reminded me that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, and OMG there are Christmas cookies to be baked in 2 weeks for the cookie exchange and Martin's birthday party to plan and Father's Day is this weekend and *pant pant* AAAIIIEEE!

And tomorrow is Friday and Anders will be home, hurrah! So week-wise, that about sums things up.

Handy-dandy resource for those times when you really need to hang up and get back to blogging already: Sorry Gotta Go
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