November 28th, 2006



What's better: taking a bag of Reindeer Poop cookie bags to divvy out to a bunch of excited cookie-loving women, knowing that they are the BEST (also best-named) COOKIES THERE...

...or bringing home 12 bags of different kinds of cookies, INCLUDING 2 bags of your very favorite cookie in the WHOLE WORLD: *crescendo* Fudge Puddles! Or, as I like to refer to them: double-stuffed-addictioncup-porncookies.

After a fairly stressful day and a VERY stressful 2 hours after work, when I raced home to pick up the kids, drove to farmor and farfar's house to drop them off, raced off again with barely time to say hello goodbye I'm late I'm late I'm late!, drove into central Malmö to circle circle wait wait wait circle wait for FORTY FRICKIN' MINUTES with no luck trying to find a parking spot...FINALLY found a spot 2 blocks away and then discovered that I didn't have enough change in my wallet for the meter. I stuck in 3 kronor for 10 minutes, grabbed the toy bag, the cookie bag, the OTHER cookie bag from another member who wasn't able to attend, my meeting bag and my purse, sped down the sidwalk to the money machine, withdrew cash, booked to the hotel where we have our meeting and begged the nice receptionist for change, ran upstairs to the meeting room to drop all the bags off, RACED back to put more money in the parking meter and then ZOOMED back 3 blocks to the restaurant where I was supposed to have met some of the other board members for dinner an HOUR EARLIER. AArgh!

I took my dinner (what else? Sushi!) to go and we went around the corner, past Lillatorget where the ice skating rink is already being set up, into the hotel and up to the board meeting. The general meeting started at 7 and it was really great. We had a guest speaker from Ronald McDonald House in Lund, and after her talk, we presented her with a big bag of toys collected from members during our toy drive this month for them to use as Christmas presents to the families who are staying in the house while their child is undergoing treatment at the hospital. Then we presented her with a big bag of unexpected cookies that the Christmas Cookie Exchange bakers had made, and to top it all off, one of the organizers had a special surprise. Her husband has a friend who owns a sporting games and goods company in Stockholm. When he was approached to see if he would be interested in helping out with one of the House's wishlist items, rather than just selling it to our club at cost, he donated a fullsize pool table! Wasn't that cool?! She was flabbergasted. :)

Tomorrow: choir and Anders comes home (...and, um, sushi. Yes, I know. It's apparently addictive, were you aware?)
Thursday: book group

This week could only get better if there was a massage somewhere in it.
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