December 5th, 2006



I keep thinking, while things are happening, oh! I want to write about this. I need to remember this, and I very carefully take the thought and tuck it away and, of course, promptly forget it, so that when I actually have a moment to sit down in front of the computer, all I have is a pocket full of tuckery and no substance. I think I need to start writing reminder notes on my hand again. That always worked in the past.

I think I used to write better than I do now. I feel like I've run out of things to say, things to remember, things to write about. Does everyone feel this way after they've been blogging for awhile or am I just in a slump? I begin to be alarmed about the state of my memory, considering not only the opening paragraph of this journal entry, but to compound it, the fact that when I left the restaurant tonight, after picking up my coat from the coat-check, I forgot the bag of birthday presents for Martin that I had purchased prior to the dinner and checked with the coat. I was all the way home before I remembered. :(

This is the 14th time I've started this paragraph. Maybe I used to write better because I just used to WRITE.

Happy and Bright, Bonny and Belated Birthday Wishes to thesidhe!
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