December 7th, 2006



My firstborn turned 9 today. No matter how much I squish him down on the top of his head, he keeps growing. All he wanted for his birthday, and all he got, was books and Lego (and one Bamse DVD).

If you were 9 years old and your parents asked you what you wanted for your birthday dinner, what would you say? Pizza, maybe. Tacos! Hotdogs...hamburgers, salmon even. I was pretty sure he would say salmon or the inevitable sushi, but he wanted JULBORD. He and Anders made a list of all the absolute must-haves for his julbord birthday dinner, right down the line for every traditional Swedish Christmas food required for a genuine julbord, and that's what we had for dinner tonight, along with princesstårta for dessert.

photo credits: Anders Ek

photo credit: Russell Gilbert

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