December 19th, 2006



Remember those 10 days of antibiotics a month or so ago that were supposed to completely squash the recurring sorethroat thing I had going on and on and on like a coldbug energizer buddy (which is how you say bunny with a cold in your nose)? Well, just like the poltergeists in the TV, CarolAnne, DON'T LOOK INTO THE LIGHT because it's baaaaaaack.


I cannot, CAN NOT be sick right now. I don't have TIME to be sick.

Coveting in a Major Way: Everything Krista Rääk makes (although when I try and pronounce her name out loud I sound like a very sick crow)

Anders and I are making a pact and keeping it. Actually, we're making two. One is no more chips or snacks or junk food in the house, after the New Year. I supposed you could call it a New Year's Resolution, but the truth is, it's more than that. It's a promise. The other is trying to figure out where our money is going and make it behave better. We need a budget. We need a financial planner, we need to really sit down and look over our finances and figure out where we are spending. It's either that or sell the house. Even WITH that, it might be sell the house. And I can tell you, that the thought of selling the house is like being stabbed with a big cleaver right through my heart parts.

Christmas To Do List (I just wrote Lizt, Freudian slip much?)
  • Buy last 4 little presents
  • Count through and wrap everything
  • grocery shopping
  • Final cleaning and make up cot beds
See? That wasn't so bad.

Pretty Pretty Pixie-Dust Parcel-Wrapped Powder-Puff Birthday Wishes to the Dearest Darlingest Wee in the Whole World!
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