January 27th, 2007

life is good


Oh! I feel good (da nanananana!)

I was gonna post yesterday but first I was at work (no posting allowed (ha! (I just typed aloud) by order of me) and then I was racing to the grocery store to buy ingredients for my super wonderful yummo dinner that I was hosting for my first friends and then I was cooking cooking COOKING like a madwoman, and then I was cleaning up the hot chicken bouillon broth water that I slopped all over the stovetop, the front of the oven and the kitchen floor when I suffered a lapse in judgement and tried to move a frying pan full of said water and chicken breasts with one hand and my right one at that, which is neither my strongest nor my most coordinated, and THEN I was laughing and talking and eating and laughing and talking some more with my good girlfriends until THREE IN THE MORNING so yeah, no posting yesterday, for which I apologize profusely and then attempt to make up for RIGHT NOW!

Hi internets! How are you? Are you having as good a day as I am? Doubtful, because even if you were having a good day, I bet it's not as good as mine! :D

Wanna know why? Do you? Do ya, punk?

hahahahaha!! I crack myself up.

Good thing I'm alone in the house. Not that that's ever stopped me before.

The short list of why I am happy today:
  • I love my girlfriends. I really do. They are so caring and generous and warm.

  • One girlfriend gave me that last little kick of motivation and inspiration I apparently needed and I'll be joining her at Weightwatchers every week. Say what you want about Weightwatchers, but the last time I did it I lost 16 pounds. If I can do it once, darn it, I can do it again, and now I have someone to help me without triggering my "I KNOW" reflex.

  • 2 of my girlfriends stayed overnight and one of them stayed most of the day today and helped me purge my clothes closet (OMG the relics of the 80s! hahaha! It was to laugh! Or cry, whatever) and now I have 7 large bags of clothes and shoes (6.5! Man, my feet were small, pre-children) to donate to charity and 2 large bags of same to pitch. Thank you crackly-aged elastic and stains for making some of those decisions very painless.

  • I FOUND THE CAMERA. You know, the little digital that disappeared after our trip to Scotland? Even though it didn't GO to Scotland? The one that I was so sure had to be somewhere in the house? It was, right in the secret safekeeping spot I had apparently stashed it in right before our trip to Scotland so that just in case someone broke into the house while we were gone, they wouldn't get the camera. ...pause. Ahem.

  • My family comes home tomorrow!
All day the sun has been shining very brightly in a ice-blue winter sky. The moon has been keeping us company, a little more than half-waxed. After the looting and pillaging of the closet, I waved my friend goodbye, jumped in the shower, tried a new shampoo that left Barky feeling very frisky and fresh, and went for a walk. The entire village is coated in ice. Every street is glazed with it. In some places there is gravel and dirt laid down to help with traction but for the most part, the village is just one big 1000-household skating rink.

In many places I had to walk very flat-footed, throwing my hips into a sort of waddle-swing, in others I could step out and stretch, letting my arms rotate freely from my shoulder joints. By the snail trail, 2 small yellow finches (who are actually green!) twittered up ahead of me and hopped from branch to branch just out of reach before finally flitting off into the woods across the frozen stream.

I could hear a chainsaw somewhere nearby and after I rounded the block and passed the horseless pasture, I was dismayed to see the complete dismemberment of one of the biggest, nicest fir trees in the village. It stood majestically at an intersection, and I wanted to ask the men standing there WHY they had cut it down, since it had no sign of disease that I could see, but I chickened out at the last moment and continued disapprovingly past. Maybe it was a threat to the nearby house given the many windstorms we've endured this season.

Starlight Starbright Biggest Birthday Wish I Can Wish Tonight (albeit belated) to my very dear Christina Rosalie!

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