February 3rd, 2007



How lucky can you be? Is it luck or is it coincidence when things come together in that certain constellation that either leaves you gasping with admiration or smug with pride, or just aglow with fulfillment?

Even the small things: getting a parking place near the door when the lot is full and cars are circling like sharks, and then discovering there are sales going on for just the things you are shopping for? Slowly closing a book in the morning that filled you up over the last few days like good cream and later in the day, pulling another from the stack to begin and finding out after only a couple of sentences, a paragraph, a chapter or two, that you are overflowing? 2 fantastic books in a row: now, that's luck!

Do you think you make your own luck? Or that it is your attitude which steers it or that luck is just floating all around, both good and bad invisible in the air, and you get what sticks to you?

I love sunny days, long for them, especially in the middle of such a rainy grey fall and winter like this one, but O Sun! Must you also show me up for the too-busy-to-clean housekeeper that I am? Dust! It's what's for EVERYTHING, apparently.

Martin and I walked out the door, bundled but not too tightly against the clear, chill air and walked smack into a wall of sunshine. The sky is high and blue and there is nothing white about it: no clouds, no fraying cirrus jetstreams, no errant seagulls. It's just high and bright and blue. Crows are cawing from the woods by the snail trail, the sound carries over the fields behind the house. We walk, facing the sunshine, lifting our faces to the light like starving flowers.

Martin starts singing, You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...I join him and we sing around 3 corners. I warble the beginning of Sunshine on My Shoulders only to find after a couple of lines that I've forgotten the words.

Closing my eyes as I walk, I peep between my eyelids every few steps to correct my course. Martin is talking, something about lego and bionicles, but I can't hear him over the sun. For a moment it's so loud I think I've gone deaf from the radiance.

While Walking Into the Sun:
Liz: Hey, Martin! If you shut your eyes to the sun, the back of your eyelids turn colors. First it's yellow, then orange, then red, then REALLY RED.
Martin: *shuts his eyes* Yes, I see it.
Liz: And then your eyeballs explode. Careful! *opens eyes, grins at him slyly*
Martin: *grins back*
Liz: *shuts eyes again* Here, hold my hand so I keep going straight. —pause— Kaboom! *makes exploding noise*
Martin: *giggles madly*

And then, the sun was so bright that his head caught on fire!

Embarrassingly Belated, But Nonetheless Heartfelt, Birthday Wishes to doggereler!
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