March 21st, 2007



Equinox, couldn't tell by the temperature the past couple of days that Spring is just around the corner. It is, isn't it? Just around the corner? I might have to go find it and DRAG IT BODILY HERE. Regardless, walking in the crisp air is invigorating and each time I go the faster I get. The past few days have got me to the point of realizing that my hard work is beginning to pay off: feeling that my pants are getting baggy, putting on an outfit for work the other day only to realize that the shirt was TOO BIG and having to change, being able to walk up the 8 flights up stairs at work without getting out of breath (as long as I'm not talking at the same time :)

I have SO MUCH TO DO in the next week and a half. So much that I feel like lying down with a wet cloth on my forehead. So much that I keep having to work it out by typing IN ALL CAPS WITH LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! To! Emphasize! How Much! I HAVE! TO DO!!!

I feel better now.


I have a doctor's appointment and a dentist appointment and a hair appointment and a birthday party and a children's concert and a sushi night and a hockey game and book group and choir and WW and the AWC meeting and finalizing the AWC site and the last of the translation project and a dinner out and the shopping of things to take with us: presents and Easter schtuff mostly. My sister has requested 42 kajillion Kinder Eggs. I have to take my laptop to work and download every possible file I might possibly ever need while working in Boston for 2 weeks. Laundry and sorting and PACKING, oh my.

Mom, Sarah, Kathey, Russell, E11en, BP: any particular goodies you'd like from Sweden??

Hi Diddle Diddle Knackebröd in the Middle Birthday Wishes to Amy Lou!