April 18th, 2007



Even though we are "in Boston," we are technically about 45 minutes north of the city, and so far what I have seen of Boston is limited to the skyline at dusk and the airport. We plan to meet up with e11en on Sunday downtown so we will be able to finally see something OF Boston. We would have gone some evening this week to see something of Boston, but hello horrible weather, we've been living through a real live nor'easter here and it's been raining cats and dogs all week. Feels just like home, though my children informed me on the phone that it's beautiful and sunny in Sweden. NOT FAIR. If it starts raining when I get back, HEADS WILL ROLL.

There are "peepers" outside our hotel window, and though we are on the 4th floor with closed windows, they come through loud and clear and they peep all night. Peepers are tiny spring frogs. We saw one in the parking lot, not moving, though he wasn't dead, and we stopped to admire him against the glossy shine of the wet asphalt. He didn't seem interested in moving out of the risk zone though, so I hope he doesn't get squished by a car.

We trawled the wilds of Burlington Mall tonight, and walked the entire 2nd floor. We wandered in and out of nearly every store. Mom bought shoes and put 2 shirts at Chico's on hold for tomorrow. Not one of the boutiques in the mall has clothes in plus sizes, which was a little aggravating, though probably just as well considering what I have spent on this trip so far. We walked into the Coach store just to look (since I really only like their old classic styles, and also GOOD GOD ARE THEY EXPENSIVE) and while we were there a really nice saleslady spent 30 minutes (!!) cleaning the inkstains off the front of my mistreated 1996 Coach bag and moisterizing it into beauty. Her colleague yabbered at us about how we should buy the cleaner and the moisterizer but we ignored her and eventually she wandered away and then we left without buying anything AND with a completely rejuvenated almost-like-new purse to boot! Score!

Great-Aunt Mary turns 96 this year
Mom: I'll go tomorrow and look for a birthday card for Aunt Mary. I can't find anything funny enough, though maybe it doesn't matter.
Liz: Well, you can spend the whole evening looking for something, since I'll be at a work dinner. Surely that must be enough time to come up with something suitable.
Mom: Hrm...pretty doubtful. Most birthday cards say something like "Happy Birthday and many more" and that's not really appropriate.
Liz: So buy one and cross that part out.
Liz & Mom: *giggle madly*
Liz: I am so going to hell.

The marketing department took me out to lunch today and after we pulled back up to the office, as we were getting out the car and heading toward the door, one of the girls pointed and said "There are our turkeys." ...? "What?" I said, and sure enough, there were two huge wild turkeys walking placidly around in the drizzle by the door, completely ignoring us. They're much more colorful than one might expect.

My journal layout is all brokey, but I can't figure out why or how to fix it. It looks fine when I look at comments on a post, and it looks fine on the friends page, but not on the regular journal. Argh.

I have been in the US of A for 3.5 weeks now. I'm loving it, but I'm beginning to miss home and my regular routines, which is just about the time it usually starts hitting me.