July 12th, 2007

happy tailwag


What in the hell is the matter with me and damn writer's block? It's not like I have anything earthshattering to say. Welcome to the journal of the notorious Fitzandstarts! I've been editing last year's journal entries (the 3 previous years are long-done and getting impatient) and geez louise, I posted something nearly every day! What energy! Where did my energy go?

*looks suspiciously under the desk*

A colleague at work the other day told me she didn't understand a friend of hers who didn't like to go anywhere or do anything on vacation, and then was shocked when I enthusiastically endorsed the vegetable style of vacationing: sleep in late and naps every day! I did add the caveat that it's not the usual thing that I actually get to LIVE that dream during vacation, what with the 2 kids and the husband that gets up at the crack of dawn and the guests that need to go sightsee and the summer activities and such, but still it was funny to see the look on her face. Do you like veggie vacations or go-go-go ones?

It's weird, when we GO somewhere on vacation, I usually want to be doing things (although the sleeping in is always welcome), going places, shopping, sightseeing, staying up late playing games with friends and family. But when we are at home and on vacation? Call me cucumber (or your veggiewobble of choice). I think cucumber sounds good in this instance because it reminds me of the word recumbent. Hee!

We seem to be in an acquiring stage at the moment, or partly acquiring and partly replacing. Maybe because I spent so much of the winter purging, cleaning out closets and filling bags with toys and clothes and books and the miscellaneous STUFF that clutters up your life if you don't take care to keep it under firm control. I have to be on constant alert against my inner packrat. It's all big-ticket items at the moment, though.

We bought loft beds for both the kids and chairs for their rooms since with the beds off the floor there was no place to sit, and a new couch to replace the used, stained, ripped and broken sofabed that was formerly residing in the playroom. We've ordered a new couch and giant lounge chair for the living room, and still have to get a coffee table to go with them. We purchased the current green sofabed in the living room after we moved in together in Chicago, as a guest bed. The oversized chair that we have now, the one that I slept propped up in the for the entire second half of both my pregnancies, was a relict of my first years in Chicago. Both pieces are more than 15 years old and it was time to let them go. We're donating them, along with a slew of other stuff, to the annual village flea market, since they're both still serviceable and will probably make some college student very happy.

But, I've discovered, shopping and acquiring things, furniture especially, has awakened a material-minded master interior decorator in me. It breeds acquisitiveness! I've got my eye out now for bargains and antique stores and keep looking at each room in the house with an eye to replacing what is outmoded or worn. The nice thing is that so far, we are managing to handle all this without running up credit balances, which isn't something I could ever have managed in the past. It's fun to look around the house and feel how new it looks with new things in it. I've got a shopping bug on me and I'm not sure I want to brush it off quite yet. :)

And now, I have to go wrap presents (more purchases! more STUFF!) because my baby girl? is turning 8 tomorrow. EIGHT! She'll be driving before you know it! Just for the record: squishing your children on the top of their heads to stop them growing, while very funny and quite satisfying, totally does NOT WORK. I have taken a vacation day tomorrow. My plans for sleeping in are foiled by early morning Swedish birthday wakeup festiviities and the possibility probability certainty of rain, which means that my husband's lovely idea of taking the car to the dealer for service with a bicycle in the back with which he can then ride home on, will certainly end with me having to get up and go along with the other car. Then we are going to a child-friendly (read: no good rollercoasters) amusement park down south for the day (see also: forecast) which pretty much ensures maximum torture for me, though Karin will have a field day of it.

Dabs and Dollops of Frosting-Covered Belated Birthday Wishes to: natooke!