August 25th, 2007



As my friend Kathey says, I am a force to behold! (She is, too) We exchanged lists of what we did today and patted ourselves on the back. Here is my list:
  • put stuff out on the curb for the flea market pickup

  • done 5 - count 'em - FIVE loads of laundry (aside to my brother: WITH DRYER *muahahaha!*)

  • stripped all the beds and made them up new

  • talked to my husband on the phone (he's on Gotland)

  • talked to my brother who flew home's sure quiet around here now

  • talked to my mom for an hour

  • read 6 chapters of my book

  • coded 4 sections of cookie recipes on the AWC website

  • called a new member and activated her

  • went for a half hour walk

  • ran the dishwasher and unloaded it

  • made breakfast, lunch and dinner for the kids (and myself)

  • took the following photos of things I've promised to show you

This is the new front garden that Anders re-did during his last week of vacation and while my brother was here. (Here's a very old before shot) Best part? No weeding! The roses have been going gangbusters this year—this is their second flowering and there have been bazillions of them! I like saying "going gangbusters" though I have no idea where that phrase could possibly have come from.

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And here is the porch which Anders built during his first weeks of vacation with the pretty blue furniture that I painted during my first week of summer vacation! It's like having another room in the house! With new stuff! And NO FLIES!

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So, tomorrow I have a camera and I'm willing to use it. What do you want me to take pictures of?